Weather and Wine

We have so many reasons to drink wine! At the top of the list is the pure and simple pleasure of taste. Whether sipping a wine on its own or pairing it with just the right food, the sensory and emotional enjoyment we experience cannot be underestimated. Add in the health benefits, the fun of collecting wine, and the intrigue of wine culture and you will want to fetch the corkscrew. But don’t forget the versatility of wine it works as much for a grand celebration as it does for a quiet night at home relaxing.

What happens when the dog days of summer are upon us? When it’s hot and humid, we may not exactly have the desire to throw back some of our usual favorites. How can we still enjoy wine when the temperature rises?

Alcohol is dehydrating so it only makes sense that we gravitate toward whites and ross which tend to have a lower alcohol content than reds. Choosing a moderate to low alcohol wine, such as Les Lys Vouvray, a 100% Chenin Blanc from France with a low alcohol content, will not leave you feeling so thirsty when the mercury rises. It’s light, crisp and refreshing with an off dry kiss of sweetness on the finish. Vouvray is also a food-friendly wine and would be lovely with a summer seafood salad.
Speaking of food-friendly, are you headed to a summer picnic? Have you packed your herbed chicken, pesto pasta salad, chips and dip? Be sure to include a bottle of Domaine de Colombe Ros, a classic Provence ros from the south of France. It has a cheerful salmon color which just shouts summer and pairs with almost any warm weather fare. The floral, rose petal and strawberry tones and clean finish will keep you cool and quenched.

Does summer vacation mean a vacation from red wine? Actually, fresh and fruity red wines make a fine source of refreshment. No need to shy away from lightly chilling a red wine. Pop an Argus Carneros Pinot Noir in the fridge for about thirty minutes or so and cool off with its cherry, cola and cassis tones and nutmeg finish. The ripe and long lasting flavors linger as you loll in the warmth of a summer evening on the patio.