Welcome to Stellar Cellars LLC!

Stellar Cellars has a mandate to promote wines from quality producers who might otherwise be unrepresented or unable to exist in the Chicago/Illinois market. There are many consolidations occurring constantly in the wine world; as a result, family owned wineries are forced out of the scene, making way for larger wine producers to capture a greater share of the market. We aim to maintain diversity of choice in the wine marketplace by ensuring that the smaller production, high quality estate producer remains represented in our markets restaurants, clubs, wine bars and wine centric retail establishments. Our producers offer unique terroir, winemaking talent and outstanding hand crafted wines of outstanding value and character; most of which come from all estate grown, single vineyard fruit.

Our deep brand relationships allow us to enjoy exclusivity in our market and have access to significant positions with the small production levels. In fact, in many cases we are the only market in the United States outside of California to have these wines available. We therefore create value by bringing high quality, price value, wines together with quality wines lists in the Illinois market. The wines are available on a finite basis and as such will create excitement, demand and unique value to any wine list they are included on!

We also hold ourselves to a standard of representing a portfolio that we will give the utmost personal attention and value added service to. For producer and vineyard; this means possessing deep knowledge of your brand, your varietals, your terroir, your winery team and winemaking philosophy which we then transfer into the minds and palates of our customers and their service staff. By doing so, we create a top of mind comfort and confidence for service staff to promote and sell our portfolio labels before recommending others. For customer; we bring a personal value added approach to the insight and story behind every brand and the proprietor’s/winemakers philosophy and crafting style. We do this through focused tastings, server education and highlighting the special attributes that each portfolio winery and their varietals possess. This versus large regional or national distribution which is based on a price book, volume incentives and very little personal focus and knowledge of the producers and what makes them unique and special.