We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and value.

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Our mission

To offer high quality brands and wines carefully chosen for their varietal character, sense of terroir, their ability to convey the dedication of the winemaker and proprietor, while overdelivering great value!

About us

Stellar Cellars has a commitment to promote wines from quality producers who might otherwise be unrepresented or unable to thrive in the Chicago/Illinois market. There are many consolidations occurring constantly in the wine world; as a result, emerging brands are forced out of the scene, making way for  large commodity wine producers. We are committed to  diversity in the wine marketplace by ensuring that the smaller production, high quality producers remain sought after in our market.    Our deep brand relationships allow us to enjoy exclusivity in our market and access to significant positions with the modest production levels. In fact, in manycases we are the only market in the U. S. outside of California to have these wines available. We therefore create value by bringing high quality, scarce wines to your wine program. The wines are available on a finite basis and as such will create demand and value on any wine list they are included on!  We also hold ourselves to a standard of representing a portfolio that we give the utmost personal attention and value added service to. For producer; this means possessing deep knowledge of their brand,  And philosophy which we transfer into the minds and palates of you our customer. By doing so, we create a "top of mind" confidence in you selling ourportfolio labels before recommending others.   Personal relationships, intimate knowledge, outstanding quality and leading value….. this is what distinguishes Stellar Cellars from the competition!


Our wines and spirits represent my commitment to maintain a stellar portfolio for all of our clients to enjoy!

Meet Brian Tite, Proprietor & Sommelier-Master Court of Sommeliers

Brian Tite is the founder and proprietor of Stellar Cellars. Brian is a born and raised Chicagoan and has deep knowledge of the restaurant, wine bar, retail, and private club arena in Chicago. Brian has a financial and business background and has been CFO for a number of mid-size domestic and large international companies over the last 20+ years of his career.

While food and wine have been a long time personal passion, Brian has had formal continuing education at the Culinary Institute of America-Napa, Kendall College in Illinois, The Ritz Carlton and Wine Spectator award restaurants in and around Chicago. His wine knowledge is rooted in 25 years of travel, exposure and education in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys in California. He has developed his palate and Napa appellation knowledge being schooled by some of Napa’s premier proprietors, winemakers and vineyard managers. As a result, Brian is bringing his business, food and wine strengths together in the leading of Stellar Cellars.